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Appreciation is  feel that comes every opportunity I have to make a photo and show off the landscapes that we are lucky enough to witness. There are some truly wonderful sights that are around us daily. As cliche as it sounds you really do have to stop and smell the roses along the way. If you don’t they will pass you by in an instant with no remorse and no regret.

Most of us want to venture out and explore, see whats out there to be found and seen! It is our goal with Landscapes / Cityscapes that we provide to encourage you to want to see it for yourself. Question the beauty and wonder is it really like that?

Atlanta's Jacson St. Bridge
Atlanta's Jacson St. Bridge
Stilt House
Camp Helen State Park
Atlanta I75 South @ the Varsity/Georgia Tech
View from Piedmont Park
The Hooch from I75 south bound.

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